Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I want to improve my short story/novel, but I don't have a lot of time and money? Try my virtual workshops year round through WOW-Women on Writing. They are affordable and conveniently offered for the duration of 4,6,to 8 weeks. You can participate from your work or home computer or mobile device 24/7. 
  2. I've only written ten pages of a manuscript and I'm stuck. Can you help? Yes. I help with manuscripts at all stages of development. You'd be surprised how quickly we can get you unstuck. 
  3. Do you help with query letters to agents and publishers? Yes. I've had close to 30 stories and one novel published and I acquired an agent in Toronto. That's a lot of query letter writing experience. 
  4. My manuscript is complete, but it needs editing. Can you help? Yes. I offer copy editing and conceptual editing services. 
  5. Should I self publish or traditional? Please book a publishing consultation.
  6. I want to plan a relaxing, fun retreat and I need something stimulating, and expressive with a wide appeal. Can you help? Yes. I have been offering seminars and workshops to broad audiences of all levels for more than a decade, including at hotels and community centers. 
  7. Can you organize a live workshop in Israel? Absolutely. I've offered workshops in Jerusalem, Raanana, Bet Shemesh and other venues. If you have a minimum of five participants ready to get their creative juices flowing, let's talk or send me an email gila green @ gmail.  com (close spaces). 

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