Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I've only written ten pages of a manuscript and I'm stuck. Can you help? Yes. I help with manuscripts at all stages of development. You'd be surprised how quickly we can get you unstuck. 
  2. Do you help with query letters to agents and publishers? Yes. I have more than a dozen years of query letter writing experience.  
  3. My manuscript is complete, but it needs editing. Can you help? Yes. I offer copy editing and conceptual editing services. 
  4. Should I self publish or traditional? As a general rule, self-publishing is more effective for non-fiction and/or for professionals who are writing a companion book for workshops, seminars and so on. 
  5. I want to plan a relaxing, fun retreat and I need something stimulating, and expressive with a wide appeal. Can you help? Yes. I offer seminars and workshops to broad audiences of all levels. 
  6. Can you organize a live workshop in Israel? Absolutely. I've offered workshops in Jerusalem, Raanana, Bet Shemesh and other venues. If you have a minimum of five participants ready to get their creative juices flowing, let's talk or send me an email gila green @ gmail.  com (close spaces). 

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