Congratulations to ...

Carol Ungar on the upcoming publication of her cookbook Jewish Soul Food: Traditional Fare and What it Means. 

Dear Gila,
I couldn't have done it without you!
Carol Ungar

It was fun editing a cookbook for the first time, if not a little fattening, but it improved my cooking skills and it's always a pleasure to work with Carol. Mazal tov! I look forward to part two.

And to Pia Wolcowitz on the release of her novel The Nurse.

Thank you for everything,

It was a pleasure to edit this novel and I wish Pia much success! I look forward to her next jump into adult women's fiction.

Chana Bunim Rubin Ausubel whose memoir As Long as the Candle Burns is coming out this spring with Mazo Publishers. Thank you for choosing me as your editor, Chana. Your work is an important part of American Jewish history. 

Dear Gila
You were a marvelous editor!
Love Chana

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