My Short Story Collection is on its Way

My short story collection White Zion is coming out with Cervena Barva Press.
White Zion migrates between 19 century Yemen, preState Israel, modern Israel and modern Canada. Stories explore racism, alienation within the family unit and the fall-out after generations of war. Voices in the collection include a Assaf, Yemenite boy growing up in pre-State Israel, Miriam, a young Canadian girl growing up in Ottawa, and the haunting voice of the girl's uncle, Yoel. A rich vein of family mistrust runs throughout the collection.

White Zion was nominated for the Doris Bakwin Literary Award, (Carolina Wren Press) and two of the stories were nominated for the Best New Writing Award and the Walrus Literary Award.

Stories from the collection have been published in Akashic Books Mondays are Murder Series, Fiction Magazine, Many Mountains Moving, The Dalhousie Review, Bridges: A Jewish Feminist Journal, Jewish Fiction and other literary magazines.

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