My new story "No Entry" is up! And the novel deal's signed

My new story, an excerpt from my young adult novel, Shen (working title) is out. My novel is now signed with Stormbird Press, Australia for a September 2019 release. What's it about? Teen heroine, Yael Yekutiel, signs on to an elephant conservation program and ends up coming face to face with violence, greed and murder. The story takes place in South Africa’s famous, breathtaking Kruger Park. Yael vows to devote herself to saving the planet from human greed and is set to learn all she can about ivory poaching when she accidentally encounters a murderous poaching ring taking place below the surface of her newfound paradise. She receives a second blow when she discovers her idol Clara Smith, the prestigious and well-respected program director, profits from blood ivory, while preaching about the sanctity of wildlife. The teenager is forced to decide on a new mission: expose this poaching ring to the police or run before she becomes their next victim.

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