Come as you are, with a fifth version of a piece you've been working on since your high school graduation or as a writer who has never heard of flash until you saw this advertisement and rushed to sign up. In the first part of this masterclass, we'll define flash fiction and take you all the way from idea to premise to micro flash, threading imagery all the way through, so that your flash stands out above the rest. Along the way, we'll talk about how to make your piece meaningful to you and to the reader, so that you have the best chance of publication.

‚ÄčThe real writing is in the revision, and many writers stumble on endings, especially in flash. You don't want your piece to come off as an extended joke, an anecdote or a vignette, so we'll discuss the endings that specifically work for this genre. In the second half of this masterclass, we'll learn about the "less is more" variety of editing and discuss how to pinpoint your submissions, why bother with contests, and the reasons why you should seek out anthologies and even radio to take your writing career up a level.