enjoy gila's online writing courses

enjoy gila's online writing courses


NEW: Autofiction with a Middle Eastern Twist

Tell Your Sephardi-Mizrahi Story

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About Me:
Gila Green's novels feature characters of Sephardi, Yemenite, and mixed Middle Eastern heritage because she couldn't find any Jewish stories that reflected her experience growing up and decided to write them herself. Her novel-in-stories White Zion explores one Yemenite family's journey from Sanaa to Jerusalem to Canada. In Passport Control, heroine Miriam Gil struggles to understand her Yemenite father's past against a trove of family secrets. Gila is an author, a creative writing teacher, an EFL college lecturer, an editor, and a mother of five. When she's not exploring the Middle East in her novels, she migrates to South Africa in her continuing environmental young adult series that takes place in Kruger National Park. In addition to her four published novels, her short works have been featured in dozens of publications including: Sephardic Horizons, Jewish Fiction, Jewish Literary Journal, Fiction Magazine, Akashic Books, The Fiddlehead, and others.

Thursday, May 27 11 am EST (6 PM Israel time) for five Thursdays.
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I've been teaching short fiction online since 2009 at WOW-WomenOnWriting

Hundreds of participants from all over the world from Passaic to Sydney to Toronto and Cleveland have signed up. It's been thrilling to meet writers from around the globe.

Next Online Writing Class offered through WOW-WomenonWriting

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AUTOFICTION WORKSHOP: Exploring Hybrid Writing

Three class dates for you to choose from:


Sunday, June 20, 2021
Sunday, October 10, 2021
Sunday, November 14, 2021


DURATION:  6 weeks

TIME: 11 am EST (depending on timezones of participants, it is possible to change to noon EST)

LOCATION:  Zoom and email for assignments

FEEDBACK:  Instructor feedback and critique

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  What is autofiction? It’s not memoir, fiction or personal essay, but might have elements of all three. Auto-fiction is a genre for writers who want to write about their experiences and personal insights without being held back by the “facts.” Autofiction allows writers to pen personal experience without the constraints of traditional autobiography. In this course, we will explore some of the techniques of writers who have reconstructed events from their own lives using methods borrowed from other genres to create new forms. There will be weekly readings that we will use to discuss different elements of craft in terms of narrative, structure, genre, tone, narrator, character and theme. We will also have a weekly writing exercise based on the reading, as well as group and instructor workshopping of participant work.

COST:  $185, which includes one-on-one e-mail support and feedback from your instructor, weekly assignments and critiques. Skype & Skype chat if you choose that option.

Ready to join me? Email Marcia & Angela at:

Student Testimonials

  • Very Valuable Feedback

    Thank you for this class and for your very valuable feedback on the two drafts I sent you. Your class rekindled the fire that I felt was beginning to fizzle out in my writing.

    Clare Hart

  • Thought-Provoking Lessons

    Thanks for a great class! I’m so glad I signed up—turns out that I still have a brain and you made me use it. :) I appreciate your advice as well as the thought-provoking lessons you provided . . . In that short amount of time I feel more confident going forward with my writing . . . I wish you the very best, and thank you again for sharing your knowledge!

    Andrea H.

  • Tailored to Individual Needs

    Gila Green’s class was my first online writing class. I was impressed with the quality of the material Gila provided and her weekly lessons were clear and easy to understand. She also provided enough flexibility in her lessons to tailor the class to the individual needs of her students. I always felt open to ask questions or linger over lessons and critiques that I felt I needed more time to comprehend and work through. I look forward to learning from her again.

    Donna Kortes

  • Constructive Critiques

    Gila had a very straightforward way of explaining by giving examples in our own work, and pinpointing a subject for clarity. She was very encouraging and her critiques were always thoughtful and constructive. She pushed me to dig deeper and work harder and I believe it shows in my writing. If I am ever fortunate enough to make it in this business, I will definitely name Gila as one of the reasons for my success.

    Barbara Florenza

  • Great Experience

    I placed 3rd in the WOW Spring 2013 Flash Fiction contest! I was so amazed and thrilled. 'Mercy' is the story I submitted in our Flash class. Your class was a great experience for me. Did I tell you that [classmate] and I are still sharing stories? We met in your class and now we are writing buddies on line.

    Clare Ostrander

  • Path to Creative Exploration

    In Gila's workshops you learn three important things about writing:
    - how to look deeply into your heart
    - how to read many other works critically
    - how to apply newfound skills to your own work
    For all those reasons, Gila's writing workshops are a writer's path to creative exploration that you shouldn't miss.

    Ilene Bloch-Levy

  • Learned More Than Ever Before

    I’ve learned more in your writing class than I have with any other instructor, and I’ve taken quite a few.

    Kathryn Beer

  • Excellent Guidance

    I advocate writing mentors; how else can a writer grow? When I was looking for excellent guidance on a new genre, I turned to Gila Green; it was a good decision, one that I recommend to a writer who is serious about her craft.

    Leah Kotkes

  • Most Beneficial Course Taken

    I’ve taken a lot of writing courses through different groups, and by far yours have all been the most beneficial. I loved this Flash course. The most important lesson I learned is just how incredibly difficult it is to write good flash fiction. I learned about many new tools that I can use in future writings.

    Kathryn Schleich

  • Exceeded My Expectations

    Here's what I loved about Gila's class:
    I felt safe (of paramount importance as a writer and as me)
    I felt my questions and contributions were valued
    I received no-nonsense feedback and advice from you
    The assignments were well presented and well prepared
    The information within each assignment was incredibly useful and not overwhelming

    Here's what I loved about Gila as an instructor:
    You always took the time to answer my questions, even the ones that were more personally oriented
    You are direct and have realistic expectations of students
    You are encouraging and supportive
    You know your stuff

    My personal thanks to you for bearing with me as I begin my writing journey. As an instructor, mentor, and writing ally you have far exceeded my expectations. WOW! is very lucky to have you on their instructor roster.

    Elana Baxter

  • Re-registering

    I have taken many courses in writers’ centers before and never got ANYTHING out of them. The main thing I got was formulaic responses that hindered my writing rather than deepening my approach. I loved Gila’s course so much I am re-registering.

    Janet Lowenbach

  • Took Me To The Next Level

    Gila’s fiction writing class gave me more confidence as a writer. I’ve taken several online fiction classes with well-known online entities and with those that are lesser known. Compared to more well-known or expensive online writing classes that require you to use more non-user friendly sites to post your work this is the one with which I was and still am most impressed. Gila’s teaching method is very concise and could only derive from years of experience. Her lectures and the accompanying exercises challenged me to write my story and the characters in a way that helped to add more layers and to make them more believable. Gila’s feedback was very in-depth. She was always available for questions and comments. She strongly encouraged that we take advantage of peer critiques. I’d done peer critiques in other classes, but I felt that with Gila I was given more tools to workshop others’ writings. I learned how to look for strategies that work better than others. To me, Gila’s fiction writing class was more multifaceted than others and was more like a brick and mortar university course. With the tools that I learned from Gila I felt that I had better direction and I learned how to look at my writing more critically. In Gila’s class I was able to take my short story to the next level.

    Conswalia Marie Green

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No Entry

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White Zion

White Zion

White Zion is a novel in stories forthcoming from Cervena Barva Press (April 2019). The novel takes readers into the worlds of 19th century Yemen, pre-State Israel, modern Israel and modern Canada...

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Passport Control

Passport Control

Miriam Gil knows little about Israel. Her father won’t talk about his life there or the brother he left behind when he came to Canada. Hurt and angry when he tells her to move out to make room for his new girlfriend, she enrolls in an Israeli university. She falls in love with Guy... 

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King of the Class

Eve and Manny are engaged in post-civil war Israel, but Manny has a secret: he’s falling in love with his religious roots and turning his back on moral relativism. As their wedding date approaches...

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