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What's it about?
Seventeen year old Miriam flees Canada for Israel when her Israeli dad says he needs more room in their house — for his new girlfriend. Soon at university, living in a dorm with three bickering roommates, she falls in love with Guy, a former combat solider who dreams of peace. But then, Miriam is caught off guard when her visa and passport application are rejected, on the grounds that she’s suspected of being a Syrian Christian. In rapid order, the university boots her out and her one true friend is murdered in a brawl, but most terrifying of all, Miriam is accused of murder by Israeli police. Now, despite troubling new revelations about her father’s past, Miriam must somehow reconcile with him if she is to prove her innocence, reclaim her life, and hang on to her newfound love.

Passport Control


Dear Gila....

I took one of your classes and, you may remember, the story (The Storm) I wrote? Anyway I entered it in a contest and placed third which pleased me.

Nancy Shelton
Springfield, MO


My Second Novel is on its Way...

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I'm thrilled to announce I've signed a contract with Merit Press, an imprint of Simon & Schuster for my young adult novel, Passport Control. I'm especially honored to have Jackie Mitchard as my book editor. I'm excited to work with her and looking forward to learning as much as I can from such a polished author.

Passport Control is due to be published in hard copy and e-book winter 2017.

What's it about? A young Canadian student flees to Israel against her father’s wishes and is forced to overcome her naivete about local politics, the shock and betrayal of old family secrets, and a collision with murder.